AvaDent Digital Dentures are the thinnest, lightest, most accurate fitting dentures ever produced.

Get a beautiful new smile in as few as 2 appointments!

Leading-edge digital record technology makes denture fit and care simple and easy

  • Smile more often
  • Eat the foods you like, no more denture breath
  • Comfortable, computer-perfect fit

Our dental clinic is a great fit for you if you:

  • Need dentures
  • Need implants
  • If you’re experiencing pain with your current dentures
  • If your current dentures don’t feel secure
  • If your current dentures are giving you bad breath


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AvaDent Digital Dentures are the world’s first and only computer designed and computer manufactured denture. Our unique technology offers a “precision fit” denture.

Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth and can also be used to stabilize dentures when you have lost bone support. If you have loose dentures, dental implants may be a solution for you.

AvaDent Digital Dentures are absolutely the best fitting dentures!

patients talk about their experiences with AvaDent Digital Dentures

“When I got my first dentures you had to come back 4 or 5 times so they could get everything adjusted. This procedure here–I was amazed at how quick it was!”


“With the AvaDent it was a lot quicker. With AvaDent it was easier, and with AvaDent I have much more of a natural feel. I LOVE them.”


“AvaDent takes the procedure and that whole thing and makes it SO easy. I LOVE them.”